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LIVINGHOCHIMINH: THE BEST AGENT IN HO CHI MINH CITY. is professional real estate brokerage in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The strength of Livinghochiminh is working many years in real estate brokerage, undestanding the local market as well as understanding of the customers.
We have great properties data such as houses, villas, apartments, serviced apartments, showrooms, in all districts of Ho Chi Minh city . is very useful for expat to search a home in Ho Chi Minh city.

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The priority thing that expats thinking before moving to Ho Chi Minh is finding an accommodation.  It depends on how long time expats stay in Ho Chi Minh City, they will find an accommodation that is suitable with them. There are variety options for short-term or long term as hotel, apartment, serviced apartment, house, villa…

How to find an accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City
Some companies find the accommodation before their expats come to Ho Chi Minh City. That is lucky for expats. However, most of expats find the accommodation by themselves. Expats find by their own way around the market.
Expats have many ways to find an accommodation as though their friends, real estate agencies, or listing on expat forum as anphuneighborhood. The easy way the expats have some contacts with some real estate agencies, and have a look the accommodation when they come. Normally they will stay in hotel, guest house, or short-term apartment for couple of weeks to find their home.
Types of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City
There are many kind of accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City as hotel, apartment, serviced apartment, house, villa…
It is popular in Ho Chi Minh City. Expats can find it very easy, especially in center of Ho Chi Minh City. Hotel is suitable for tourists, short-term stay for business guests, or people who stay for temporary after that move to permanent place…Finding hotel is easy, expats can book online. Ho Chi Minh has a famous town for tourist, it is backpacker area. There are many hotels there, and expat can find easily.
Apartment complexes are more popular in the recent years, now there are many apartment buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. And it will be flourishing in the future when many building is going finished. Base on the budget, expats can find and ideal apartment. If expats have good budget, they can find an apartment in center district 1 or 3. If the budget is lower, they can find an apartment which is little bit far center. 
Now these complexes are designed with modern and in line with what expats would expect in most Western countries. They often include facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and laundry facilities. Many of these complexes also have security guards who are on duty 24 hours a day.
Serviced apartment
The Serviced Apartment is becoming more popular for expatriates who want more personal services, or family travelers who prefer to stay in a two or three-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, livingroom rather than connecting rooms. Serviced apartment is also a good option because it has services as hotel, good location in the city, good security, and flexibility lease contract (for short-term and long term lease).  
Town House
Town house is very popular in Ho Chi Minh City. You will see the long tall and slim town house in everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City. This is good choice for people who would like to share a house. It will save the money because expats can share a house with 3 or 4 bedrooms with common livingroom, kitchen. And expats can experience to life with local people.
Villa in Ho Chi Minh City is the choice for family. It has spacious space with yard, garden, swimming pool… Normally villas are located in district 2 and district 7 (around 20 minutes from center). 
Expats can choose private villa with private swimming pool, garden. Or expats can choice villa in compound with security 24/7, common swimming pool, gym, garden… There are some nice villa compounds like that as Riviera compound, An Phu superia villas compound in district 2 or Phu Gia compound, water front compound in district 7. And there is a very beautiful villa compound which is little far from center, around 30minutes to 40 minutes driving. That is Lakeview villa compound in district 9.
Riviera Compound
Lakeview Villas Compound
Location: what district should expats live?
The location is very important thing when choosing the accommodation. You have to define where you would like to live. Ho Chi Minh City is divided into 24 districts (urban and suburban). Figuring out which district to live in was the most confusing part about finding accommodation here.
Most expatriates choose to live in District 1,2,3,7, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh, Tan Binh…
District 1
District 1 is as the center of Ho Chi Minh City where close to many office buildings, malls, market, gym, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, tourist attractions… If you would like to live on convenient location, District 1 is the best choice.
District 2
District 2 is just around 15 minutes driving to District 1. This is expat area with large foreigner community to live there. This is good for family because there are a lot of villas, apartments, international schools located there. District 2 is popular choice for long term or permanent living.
District 3
District 3 borders with District 1. It is short enough to take few minutes driving to District 1. Lots of foreigners choose to live in District 3 because it’s a little less chaotic than District 1.
District 7
District 7 is new area in South of Ho Chi Minh city. This is really nice town with many high building. The cost for apartment in there is also reasonable. The tenant can enjoy the good environment, clean, safety, and convenience with everything nearby.
Binh Thanh District
Binh Thanh District is located between District 1 and District 2. There are some nice building in Binh Thanh District as Saigon Pearl, The Manor, City Garden…This is also good choice for people who are working in the center.
Tan Binh District
Tan Binh District is urban district in Ho Chi Minh City, it is near to Tan San Nhat air-port. It is around 20 minutes driving to district 1.
Many pilots are staying in Tan Binh District.
Phu Nhuan District
Phu Nhuan District is an urban district which is located between Tan Binh District and district 3. This is convenient location for people who are working in Tan Binh District, but would like to enjoy the convenient of the center.
Some tips on renting an accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City
Don’t Sign Before Seeing an Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) City, Vietnam
Whether you ask your friends for help or simply request as many pictures as possible from the landlord or building manager, it’s best not to sign a lease before seeing the place yourself. Ask your landlord if it’s OK for you to wait to sign on the dotted line until you’ve seen the place with your own eyes.
If that’s not possible, see if they’ll negotiate a clause in the lease that says you’re allowed to back out within a specific amount of time if the apartment isn’t what they’ve advertised. It’s a great way to protect yourself and feel secure in your decision. Just make sure you have a back-up plan if that apartment ends up falling through!
Read the contract before signing
Expats should read the lease contract before signing. Now there is a bilingual langue (normally Vietnamese-English, Vietnamese-Japanese, Vietnamese-Korean language), that is easy for expats and the landlords. It should be real carefully all term in the contract, about terminate term, responsibility of the owner, responsibilities of the tenant…
Pay deposit
Most leases in Vietnam are for a set period and expats are required to pay a deposit equal to one or two months’ rent. This amount of deposit will be paid back to the tenant at the end of the contract.
Check carefully the accommodation
Expats should check the condition of accommodation carefully when hand-over the apartment. Check the furniture and equipment of the accommodation. Take note all damage of the furniture and equipment  
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